About those changes…

… they definitely happened, just not on the blog.

In the last couple of months, I’ve continued to expand my contract content strategy/web writing work, changed my professional work, and continued to figure out how to be a dad. But you know, other than that… not too much going on.

The biggest change is that I joined Volusion as a Sr. Content Strategist! I’ve been there for 2 weeks, and I’ve already started to feel more comfortable wearing the official “Content Strategy” hat. I’ve been doing most of these things for years, but never with the gravitas of having the actual CS title attached to my name. That and the fact that my team actually believes in it, understands it (as much as any of us do) and is as excited about having a content strategist on their team as I am to be there.

So with that, my contract work will likely take a backseat for a while (and this blog will likely remain in the trunk). But as I get more settled in, I think it’ll actually give me more time to write here, and certainly a lot more fodder for the blog mill.

In other news, I’m currently writing this post at #BlogathonATX. This is why I love Austin.