There are no such thing as “mediums.”

I’ve seen this pop up at least a dozen times in the last few months. The word “mediums” is everywhere! I’ve heard it in meetings, seen it on professionally-written websites and read it countless times in articles about the internet, magazines, social media and other hot topics.

To be fair, there is a correct usage for “mediums”–such as referring to a group of palm readers or a stack of moderately sized tshirts.

But in regards to news or marketing or delivery of content in any form, “media” is the plural form of “medium.” (And for the record, there are no “medias” either… that’s like saying womens or geeses).

I’m no grammarian. While I was an English major and I do write professionally for a living… I’m actually pretty bad at grammar. And I wouldn’t have a degree or a job if it wasn’t for “Check Spelling as You Type.” But that’s the point, if I’m correcting your grammar or spelling on something, it’s bad.

That’s my lesson for the day. Sorry to rant.

PS. Speaking of grammar, should it be “There are no such thing” or “There is no such thing”? “There are no such things”? Oh well…