If I write something stupid on a blog that nobody reads, does it make a difference?

I used to be afraid to write out my ideas until they were pretty well baked. Fear of sounding stupid on a piece of paper, which seemed pretty permanent. You can always throw it away, but what if somebody finds it?!? That’s why I never had a diary… well, that and the fact that I was never a teenage girl.

Computers offered a reprieve. Text editors and the internet were ephemeral collections of pixels, 1s and 0s that were easy to Delete Forever.

Now I’m afraid to write a blog post that makes me sound stupid, because it can be indexed and copied and logged away for eternity (or at least as long as there’s electricity). But with a billion blogs and websites and other distractions online, who would ever care?

So the question is: is it better to say something stupid on a piece of paper that one person can read and keep forever, or to say something stupid on a silly public blog that no one will ever read?

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